The South Carolina Apple Festival is proud to host two pageants this year.

The Apple Dumplin' pageant is for boys and girls birth through age nine.  This is a penny vote competition.  Each contestant raises money that is given back to a local charity.  Pageant officials count the money each contestant turns in and they receive a vote for each penny collected.

This year due to COVID-19 the Miss Apple Festival Pageant will be a less formal event.  The Pageant will take place on Thursday, September 9th with the Apple Dumplin' Pageant. Ladies will compete is casual wear instead of evening wear. We will have out of town judges and we will also hold the Miss Congeniality Vote at the Apple Festival Booth. 

Please download the applications below and have them turned in by the due date.

 A Queen and 1st runner up will be crowned in each age division.

To donate to one of the Apple Dumplin's scan the QR code below or follow 

the link provided.  Please be sure to list the Apple Dumplin's name so they can 

get credit for your donation.


checkout-link-qr-code (1).png