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Food Vendor Rules

1. Hours of the festival are: Friday 11:00am- 7:00pm and Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.  You are expected to stay completely set-up for the duration of the festival.  It will not be canceled for bad weather.


  • a. Staff will be at the corner of Main and Lucky Streets at 8:00 am (no earlier) on Friday morning to assign your space numbers.  DO NOT CALL AHEAD for space numbers.


  • b. ALL traffic must enter Main Street at Walgreens Pharmacy in one direction during the festival.  There is a limit of TWO vehicles per booth allowed on Main Street during set-up.


  • c. There is a limit of TWO (2), parking passes per booth that MUST be displayed.  Vehicles parked in spots marked as “No Parking” or “Handicap” parking WILL BE TOWED at the owner’s expense.


2. If you use tents, they MUST be tethered with some sort of weight, blocks, weighted buckets, etc.  No boring into the asphalt/concrete.


3. Vendor spaces are non-transferable.


  • a. Priority is given to local and or veteran vendors who have a positive relationship with the festival


  • b. Priority is given to vendors who offer “Apple” related menu items.


4. Each rented space is 10’X10’.  Additional spaces may be reserved but cannot be added at the time of the festival.


5. ALL vehicles must be moved out of the festival area by 10:30 am on Friday morning and by 9:30 am on Saturday. No vehicle will be allowed back on Main Street before 5:30pm on Saturday and until you are completely dismantled and ready to load.


6. Each vendor is responsible for the security of their concession booth, products and vehicles.  Officers from the Westminster Police Department and the Oconee Sheriff’s Department patrol the area occasionally, however, security is YOUR responsibility.  SC Apple Festival Association accepts no responsibility.


7. Alcohol is strictly forbidden on festival grounds.  No consumption or sales are allowed at the festival.


8. Pets are not allowed inside the festival area.


9. You are responsible for collecting and reporting SC Sales Taxes.


10. Violation of any of these rules may result in removal from the festival and denial for participation in future events.  There will be NO refund of rental fees due to removal from the festival. No exceptions.


11. These rules are set for the safety of you and our guests and to promote this as a family event.  No warning will be issued for infractions.

12. Due to Covid 19, we ask that you make your area as safe as possible by providing hand sanitizer and encouraging masks. 


We welcome you as a visitor and concessionaire to the South Carolina Apple Festival and trust we both will enjoy a profitable relationship for many years to come.

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Please be sure to read and follow the DHEC guidelines provided here:

Sections 9-8, 9-9, and 9-10 apply to the festival.

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